Mission Statement

So what is with this blog? What is my purpose, focus, muse, deal anyway?

I'm a gyopo with the intention of temporary repatriation under the guise and funded by teaching english to them as can pay in Korea. This is a couple years down the line, but, I figure, why not start a narrative now, which maybe will become an information source during the planning stages of this venture.

Topics I'd like to touch upon?
Well, aside from the usual topics of teachers abroad, learning korean language as a gyopo living in Korea, calligraphy painting, shillim, fishing in korea, and hopefully travel.

And also turtles, turtling and turtle heads.


Tyler Seed said...

I also share and interest in turtleheads. You might find that korean food puts an interesting spin on turtling.
I added you to my blog link list

morning turtle said...

lol You can spin while turtling?! Wow. That must be one of the advantages of squatter commodes...