I can't imagine not using this...

I've been using AdBlock on any browser I use for a while now. I take if for granted now that my web surfing will be relatively free of banner ads, flashing crap and noisy distractions. It's great. What really surprises me is that so many people seem to *not* use any kind of adblocking stuff. When I ask them about it, a lot of time the reply, 'Oh, I don't mind the ads, I just ignore them." or "The popup ads on youtube don't bother me, I just click them away" !!! Wow. That is craziness to me. Not only are they ugly and distracting, they slow down your browsing, and add time to the loadup of web pages. I don't know. I guess the ad-watchers can be lauded for wanting to give their favorite websites the ability to make a little revenue, but it's not for me.

Here's some links, in case you have a white belt in Google-fu:

Google Chrome




Shit's about to get real...

I'll be honest--I was starting to give up hope, I resigned myself to resuming the job search here in this reclaimed swamp of a state, Florida. I was starting to think, hmmm maybe I should enroll in a TESOL class, I'll be able to finish it before I get my damned background check back from the Feds. But then, after a frigid day in the field (62 degree (F) water is chilly even to my northern ass), there it is, you beautiful plain brown envelope containing a single sheet of paper, verifying my lack of criminal record! CHYEAH. Shit's about to get real.

Land of the Morning Calm? Prepare your damn self -- the Morning Turtle approaches!


순두부 & oatmeal

Sound nasty? Well, don't knock it, it was a pretty good combo. (low calorie as well) The 순두부 지게 (sundubu jigae) was made with 촌각된장 (chon gak doen jang) so was very potent (haha oh yeah) and also had the requisite 호박 (zucchini squash) & pork & onions & 순두부. See, the problem is, oatmeal is bland, and the "normal" things to eat it with tend towards the sweet and fruity, while I prefer savory elements - they just help me feel fuller. I dunno. I've read that people mix in a tbsp. of natural peanut butter, but again, I classify PB as more sweet than savory. My father treats oatmeal and cream of wheat as 축 (gruel) (which it *is* I suppose) and happily eats it plain with dabs of 간장 (soy sauce) but that feels weird to me.

I could've made an egg white omelette, but I feel wasteful ditching all those yolks - maybe I can save them and incorporate them into a bait ball or chum ball... hmmm, interesting possibility, using egg yolk as a binder to the random oatmeal and fish parts that I would create chum ball out of... that could work.

Well, anyway, according to my handy dandy MyFitnessPal iPod app (blech, sorry to use such a buzzy phrase), my brekkie only amounted to 421 calories. Shazaam!


Let's try this again....

Are the new viewers gone yet?

Ah, ZeFrank, you sure knew how to maintain a blog and garner interest (and memes) in your reader/viewership!

I, on the other hand, am shit at blogging, apparently -- but here's to new efforts! To the 2 followers of this blog - Hey! Betcha didn't expect a post from me today!

Yeah, so I have some new credentials, I got fingerprinted yesterday & sent them to the Feds this morning. Now I gotta polish up the ol' resume, get some small photos taken & make a video about meself. Along the way, saving a bit of cash would be good too. Gotta decide where I'm aiming at (thinking Incheon/Bucheon/Suwon area) and then find a job! So yeah! Finally, (well maybe in a couple months) R.O.K. here I come!

Should be a hoot...

We real cool. We

Left school. We

Lurk late. We

Strike straight. We

Sing sin. We

Thin gin. We

Jazz June. We

Die soon.

Gwendolyn Brooks