I can't imagine not using this...

I've been using AdBlock on any browser I use for a while now. I take if for granted now that my web surfing will be relatively free of banner ads, flashing crap and noisy distractions. It's great. What really surprises me is that so many people seem to *not* use any kind of adblocking stuff. When I ask them about it, a lot of time the reply, 'Oh, I don't mind the ads, I just ignore them." or "The popup ads on youtube don't bother me, I just click them away" !!! Wow. That is craziness to me. Not only are they ugly and distracting, they slow down your browsing, and add time to the loadup of web pages. I don't know. I guess the ad-watchers can be lauded for wanting to give their favorite websites the ability to make a little revenue, but it's not for me.

Here's some links, in case you have a white belt in Google-fu:

Google Chrome



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Jaci said...

firefox is wonderful!! I love using it. Almost virus free- compared to Interet Explorer that gives you a virus just from looking at it