know your limits

So I caught my first pompano today while surf fishing, but because I didn't know the size limits, I threw it back, not wanting to take an undersized fish (and risk getting fined by the local Wildlife Commision).  Now that I check the regulations, I realize that my fish was indeed of legal size, and could have graced my dinner plate tonight.  Dammit. As mentioned, it was my first pompano, so it would have been nice to eat it.  They're supposed to be good eating too, so that kinda sucks.  Here's what they look like...

Just goes to show, you should know your limits..


Korean movies

So I just saw Chingoo, (which actually came out years ago, but whatever) it was really good.  I haven't updated in a while, but since I have many school assignments due and tests to study for, this seemed like a perfect way to procrastinate even further.  Other popular ways (for me) to procrastinate: watch some Korean tv shows, like Family Outing 

or 1N2D

or read other people's blogs: Seoul Patch, Amanda Takes Off, Geek in Korea, FoodWishes

or otherwise think of ways to geek out and become even more antisocial