Urgent Turtle

The causeway was deserted that fateful friday morning, the group of 3 that had been fishing all night couldn't have left at a better time. As the peristaltic pressure built in our hero's gut, and a dank gleam of perspiration glistened on his forehead and neck, his eyes grew frantic, darting to and fro, searching for the location of his impending befoulment.
With a throaty roar of triumph and relief, and the only witness to the horrible spectacle a great blue heron standing ankle deep in the nearby brackish waters, our protagonist mouthed a silent word of thanks and apology to the innocent stand of palm trees and scrub grasses to which he had literally laid waste.


Game Night, impromptu

Generally, I'm slightly uncomfortable around kids. This can be viewed as a negativism, since my intention is to surround myself with them, and try to coax them to absorb the information that I'm presenting to them. You see, I'm a big guy, and kids just look little and fragile to me. So when my folks invited their pastor over for dinner last night, and then he arrived with two little kids in tow (12 and 10 I think) I felt a mixture of perturbation (is that a word? oh well roll wit it), apprehension and hunger (that last one is probably unrelated to the kids haha).
Here's a precis of the night to follow:
chinese checkers against a 10 year old girl ( I won )
taught girl how to play chess (lost queen early due to distraction by 12 year old boy, came back to win it though)
gave tips on putting to the boy
about 10 games straight of mancala versus both kids
watched my pops and the pastor play Go
got challenged and subsequently schooled at Go by the boy, who cackled at my ineptitude the whole duration of the game

and that ate up 4 hours last night. Moral of the story? Kids like games? (duh) umm Sitting cross-legged for 1.5 hours playing mancala makes my ass fall asleep? Go is an interesting and sometimes frustrating game?


Mission Statement

So what is with this blog? What is my purpose, focus, muse, deal anyway?

I'm a gyopo with the intention of temporary repatriation under the guise and funded by teaching english to them as can pay in Korea. This is a couple years down the line, but, I figure, why not start a narrative now, which maybe will become an information source during the planning stages of this venture.

Topics I'd like to touch upon?
Well, aside from the usual topics of teachers abroad, learning korean language as a gyopo living in Korea, calligraphy painting, shillim, fishing in korea, and hopefully travel.

And also turtles, turtling and turtle heads.


Toilet humor is universal...

Is it ill-conceived to title a narrative after an act of elimination?

You could call it hubris...

...or urgency. or purgency. or pungency. or poogency. or number2gency.

Maybe you take it easy, bring a periodical.

Maybe you get quantitative, set up a clock, use the bathroom scale (bleh).

Whether you're shamed by your gastrointestinal trumpeting or it invokes hearty belly laughs and cheering, you can't escape

the morning turtle.

And if you could, who'd want to?