"Set loose upon the world" or "Homeless...for now"

Here I am, shoulders aching from stuffed-too-full bags, waiting in eager anticipation for the adventures to follow. Too many song titles have preceded this moment for me to avoid the crashing feelings of unoriginality--into the great wide open, stepping into the void, on the road again, these boots are made for walking, learning to fly. All I know is that it feels great; who knew that uncertainty could feel so damn sweet?

It's 3:42 AM, FLL, and I beat the staff here. Time to check some bags and plop this hirsute posterior down into a Korea-bound Economy seat...

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S Kelly said...

I was going to leave a thoughtful comment, but can't stop laughing at "hirsute posterior." Anyway, update when you're able. Your homies in the U.S. of A. are curious.