So lately this blog, ostensibly about Korea, is a blog about fishing. Not the case today, well actually it is, that is about fishing, but not catching. (If you fish, you know the old joke I reference there, and also, sorry if you've endured an over-reiteration of said joke). I fished from about 9am to 3pm today with absolutely no success. Makes me tempted to go out again tonight but I've been experiencing strange bouts of vertigo today, two memorable bouts occurring while driving to my fishing spot: not fun! Yeah vertigo is somewhat distressing, as I don't know what's causing it, nor do I have health insurance to find out (gotta love living in a so-called "superpower 1st-world nation" that doesn't have national health care.) I suspect, or rather hope, that my vertigo is along the lines of BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo) which is a disorder of little calcium stones in one's inner ear shifting about and sending false signals to one's brain, much like the pretty girl in the pub waving and smiling at some douchbag sitting behind you; and that it's *not* oh I dunno, inoperable brain tumors or low-level mercury poisoning (maybe it's a good thing that I didn't catch any fish today...)

Oh, on an aside, according to the handy little hit tracking map thing on the sidebar over there ---------->>>>> I've apparently had traffic from Australia, Columbia, Great Britain, Canada, Korea, and several places in the US! Surprising to me this is, as I don't really know anyone from Columbia or England, not to say I wouldn't want to meet anyone from these places, but you know what I mean. I guess what I mean to say is Welcome! Thanks for visiting, or mayhaps, thanks for accidentally clicking over to my blog... If you return and read this, feel free to comment about how you found my blog, or not, no pressure, but I'm curious is all...

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Chi-Hé said...

Well I found you from hotbutteredseoul's blog. If you're really interested in seeing where your traffic is coming from, you can do some pretty good traffic stalking from www.feedburner.com - but be warned of potential obsession!!