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Wow, it's almost October... It's hard to mark the passage of time when the weather here stays consistently hot basically all year. All of this 80-90 degree weather makes me yearn for autumn, chill breezes, blowing leaves and warm apple cider.

Well lately I've been fishing some different spots, and I've had some new experiences with different species....

This isn't a pic of the fish I caught (mine was smaller than this) but I recently caught a longnose gar in brackish water:

and I've also caught my first barracuda:
So that's been good, it's nice to catch anything really, and when it's a new-to-me species, all the better.

I've also been able to repair some older reels that we have lying around, which is very satisfying as it would have cost over $40 to get them fixed or to replace them, and more importantly I have the knowledge now to do it myself, with under $20 invested in replacement parts.

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