A sestina is a closed form of poetry, meaning that there is a set number of lines without variation.  A sestina has six stanzas, where the end words repeat in a certain pattern, followed by a three line envoi which utilizes all six repeating words in their original order.  


every day walking
meditation silent song
work eat sleep waken
seedeaters gather
grass as bricks sky as shingling
spring's preparations

no preparation
for lung'd catfish flop walking
dank pond scum shingling
caught fish sigh a song
filet knife blood lust gathers  
hunger awakens

nestlings awaken
to woodcutter preparations
as tree fear gathers
working men walking
dark industry's cheery song
boots with no inkling

light crude makes wings cling
dark tentacles of kraken
no more orca song
decrepit haitians
forgotten wounded walking
disregard gathers

uneasy cat herds
in the abbey nuns winking
as gods go walking
a saint's hand wakens
mocking gods preparations
and plenary songs

madmen sing of songs
as salt in creases gathers
no preparation
no truthy inkling
from which we will awaken
compassion's walking

walking songs lay waste
fear awakens faith's gather'd
wrinkling congregations

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