Bucheon Bus Trip (stream of consciousness)

EMart again this time by bus
Bucheon beauty so close so far
Coffee pot buy aborted
Hard sellers in any hemisphere
Winestain lip phenotypical
epicanthically folded
Heavy lids swaying and ducking the handles

Saw a woman smoking today
A first in four weeks
She saw me see her, seemed
But I was merely surprised, not
As fingers pulse across this
touchscreen now
I fit in, head nodded towards the
LCD, firmly out of
the moment -- the death of right effort

A hopeful glance from the only other
heavyweight here
I know sister, it's rough but the
donuts taste so damn good

How to read the girl's shirt behind
me, something like 1 2 so fuck you

I wonder if people realize what
their shit says...

Drunk and passed out on EMart's
lawn yet again
Swastikasa taking on new(old)
meaning here
Lotus blossoms not storm troopers

3 things Go Fuck Yourself?
More reason than this to stare at
her shirt
But damn she's a brick house -- god
bless mini skirts

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