Wow, I want and need to stay on top of this blogging thing. I read several other blogs, pretty much everyday, and I know how I anticipate new stuff to read, so when I don't post new entries for 20 days, I realize how a potential regular reader (of which I doubt I have any at this point) might be put off or also be made to anticipate or grow impatient with me. If you do check my blog, sorry it's been awhile. I'd like to report that my life is terribly interesting, and I haven't had a spare moment to compose a post about my activities, but truly, my life is kinda dull at the mo, and though I've had spare time aplenty, what is lacking is subject matter.

As an exercise in focusing myself and my intentions for this blog, let me queue up some topics that I'd like to expand upon:
fresh and saltwater fish species of Korea,
ssirreum (shillim) aka traditional korean wrestling,
the intricacies of the F4 (korean heritage) visa,
perspective of a foreign-raised korean (gyopo) teaching in korea,
perspective of a hairy foreign-raised korean teaching in korea,
seriously, I'm pretty hairy and I wonder how people will react to that,
acquisition and learning how to play a haegum (traditional korean violin, similar to the chinese erhu),
calligraphy painting,
Infinity of Sound aka Infinite of Sound aka I.S. who play this:

well hopefully that embedded video works...

There's more I guess that I want to talk about, but I should get some school and IG (income generating) work done, so that's all for now....

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